Thursday, April 17, 2014


visita iglesia....holy week in rizal province 2014

first time to do the VISITA IGLESIA, a pinoy tradition of going/visiting different churches and praying the station of the cross on each one of it.  In present times, you can do 7 churches and pray for 2 stations of the cross to finish all of it during maundy thursday.  since we opt to stay home this year we decided to do our first visita iglesia as a famialy.  I choose to do the churches in rizal province since the kids have not been there.

our first stop is the most popular churches in rizal, The antipolo cathedral.  a lot of pilgrimage gather here during holy week.  arrived antipolo around 7am and got to attend the mass that timd.

i have not been to antipolo, rizal for a long time, i remember the last time i went there was i was like the age of jana.  i could not even remember how the cathedral looks but all i could remember are the toys and food that you could buy there.  i was hoping i could get the wooden toy guns i usually get when we go there to give it my kids but you cant find it anymore there.  the only thins you could find are the filipino kakanin like suman, bibingka and roasted cashew nuts.

2nd visit was the town of teresa rizal, the st. jerome church.  it is newly built church with a nice back drop view.  it was built in a open field with a nice hills made of limes stones behind it.  some of the hills are being quarried for gravel and i hope they do something to stop it or else in the future those lime stone hills might be gone forever.

our kids in chronological order........

st. jerome church, the altar of the church is modern in design.

few shots of myself in our family travels.......

jana margarita doing her thing, shopping for anything she could find....

summer staycation 2014.....


holy week 2014 just stayed home or so called "STAYCATION".  did a time lapse video of jana and javier in time lapse format on my pentax optio camera.